Legal Surveying

Legal Surveying

Trust the team at Centerline to exceed your legal survey service expectations throughout each project phase. Our team of professional legal surveyors can provide survey services for a wide range of oil and gas projects.

At Centerline Geomatics, we are equipped to provide legal survey services for both Conventional and OSE/SAGD operations with a team of experienced drafting and mapping experts capable of preparing a variety of AutoCAD drawings and maps to suit your needs.

Commercial Legal Surveying Services:

  • Well Site/Pad Site Surveys
  • Pipeline Surveys – Legal, Construction, Asbuilt
  • Facility/Topographic/Site Surveys
  • Core Hole Programs – Application, Exploration, Site Investigation
  • Integrity Surveys/Projects
  • Environmental & Reclamation Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Municipal Surveys/Subdivision Surveys
  • Road Surveys
  • Mapping/GIS & AutoCAD Drafting Services
  • Maintaining QA/QC & Site Documentations
  • Project Management

Residential Legal Surveying Services:

  • Real Property Reports
    A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that illustrates the position of a building and other improvements in relation the the property boundary. An RPR can help determine whether the property complies with local bylaws. In Alberta, most residential and commercial real estate transactions require an up-to-date Real Property Report as part of the documentation.

  • Property Line Surveys
    A Property Line Survey will identify and mark the property lines for a given lot. Property Line Surveys will often be carried out prior to building fences or retaining walls.
  • Development Permit Surveys
    Development Permit (DP) Surveys are typically required in order to obtain a development permit from the city when undertaking a construction project. A DP Survey Document shows existing development of a property along with any easements, rights-of-way, or other encumbrances. The DP Survey document will often be used by architects and designers when preparing construction drawings and site plans.
  • Condominium Plans
    Condominium Plans are legal document that show the layout of a condominium development. Included are the locations of all units, common areas and amenities.
  • Subdivision Planning and Surveys
    Subdivision Surveys are carried out as part of the process of dividing existing land parcels into two or more parcels. The subdivision process is done through the municipality, and on approval is registered with the Land Titles Office.