UAV Mapping, Scouting, Surveys & Inspection

UAV Mapping, Scouting, Surveys & Inspection

With over 10+ years experience in Photogrammetry and Drone technology, Centerline uses leading edge technology to provide you with efficient, accurate, and high quality service. Additionally you can be sure we complete each project in the safest manner possible.

Mapping Services:

  • High Resolution Ortho Maps (Including DTM, DSM, Contours, Legal, Section and Design Overlay)
  • Pipeline, Access Roads & Pad Site Scouting and Mapping
  • Volume Surveys
  • DTMs (Digital Terrain Model)
  • DSMs (Digital Surface Models)
  • Spill, Emergency Response & Contaminant Site Mapping
  • Right of Way (ROW) Reports

Visual Inspections of:

  • Flare & Exhaust Stacks, Cranes, Hydro Towers, Dams, Bridges and High-Rise Structures
  • Wild Life Head Count and Monitoring