Real Property Reports

A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the position of the principal building and other improvements in relation to the property lines. It takes on the form of a plan or illustration of the various physical features of the property, including a written statement detailing the surveyor’s opinions or concerns.


Call us at 780-801-1600 or email our RPR coordinator at cgreen@centerlinegeomatics.ca.
Please provide us with the address of the property, your name, contact info and any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the RPR.


After receiving your free quote, confirm in writing (email is fine) with our office that you would like Centerline Geomatics to complete the Real Property Report for you. We need this written approval before we can send out our surveyors.


Once we have the needed information and confirmation, your RPR is then scheduled in our system and completed by one of our land surveyors. It is not necessary to be home for this, but be aware that the surveyor will need to access your front/back yard.

Plan Preparation

Following the survey, the field information is passed along to one of our drafting specialists. The drafting specialist prepares the Plan drawing and consults with our Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS) on any potential issues such as encroachments or bylaw violations.


Once the RPR is completed and checks have been made, it is ready to be taken to the municipality to receive compliance. Please Note: It is recommended to have the Real Property Report completed as early as possible in the property sales process. If Encroachment or Bylaw issues are found on the property, it can take weeks or even months to receive compliance. Please contact us to learn more about the compliance process.

Problem Resolution

Centerline Geomatics is well versed in bylaw and Encroachment issues. For a fee, we offer a service to take your RPR to the municipally on your behalf.

  • The position of the dwelling and or outbuildings in relation to the property lines
  • Significant visible improvements to the home within the property boundaries
  • Encroachments relative to the boundaries of the property
  • Easement, Restrictive Covenants and Utility right-of-ways that are located on the property

Most commercial and residential real estate transactions in Alberta require a Real Property Report survey to be completed before the sale of a property.

Problems are identified and can be resolved before a sale is finalized.

Identifies accurate locations and dimensions of buildings, improvements, right-of-ways, and encroachments relative to boundaries of their property. Any issues regarding the dimensions of the building, improvements, and right-of-way can be resolved before the sale of the property.

Home buyers know the physical dimensions of the property, and have peace of mind knowing that their home is within the legal descriptions and boundaries of municipal bylaws.

A Real Property Report (RPR) can help with streamlining the financing of a home.

Property transactions are simplified when a Real Property Report is prepared before the sale of a home.

Home owners avoid delays in completing property transactions, when a Real Property Report is arranged early in the sales process.

In Alberta, Land Use Bylaws are established by municipalities, and will vary from one municipality to another.

Once your RPR is complete, it may be submitted to the Municipality for review. The Municipality will review the RPR, and will endorse it with a compliance stamp or letter if the property meets the required bylaws. If the property does not meet local bylaws, the Municipality will issue a rejection letter. Subsequently, the property owner can resolve any outstanding issues identified by the municipality before the sale of the property.

To avoid delays in completing the property transaction; have your Real Property Report arranged as early as possible, so that any municipal compliance issues relative to the dimensions of the building, improvements and right-of-ways can be resolved before the sale of the property.

Once we receive the RPR back from the municipality, we will contact you, letting you know if any Bylaw/Encroachment issues were found or if your RPR gained compliance.

Compliance review and certificate costs vary for each Municipality.
For Calgary and surrounding Municipalities, the costs are listed below:

Calgary $189.00
Airdrie $150.00
Cochrane $125.00
Okotoks $175.00
High River $100.00
Chestermere $125.00
Strathmore $150.00
MD Foothills $200.00
Rockyview County $150.00
Didsbury $100.00
Carstairs $50.00