Ground Penetrating Radar (General)

Ground Penetrating Radar

Centerline has provided Ground Pentrating Radar Services to the Fort McMurray area for the past 12+ years. Centerline Geomatics is currently expanding its services to cover locations all over Alberta and is actively bidding projects in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  There are other Ground Penetrating Radar companies out there providing these services, but what sets Centerline apart is our ability to bring together all services provided by Centerline Geomatics so our customers get a better product. With our 3D scanning abilities Centerline can conduct a Concrete scan of a wall and embed the GPR data in the 3D point cloud, this allows Engineering and industry professional to conduct structural analysis with the utmost confidence in the product being provided to them. They are also able to visually see the area scanned and assess any surface deformation from the high resolution imagery. Centerline’s crew are also equipped with Trimble or Leica GPS and Total Stations, if requested these scans can be put into a local or Global Coordinate system to be reference during the design phase of a project.

GPR Services:

  • Concrete Scanning
    • Depth of Concrete
    • Rebar location and spacing
    • Non-Destructive analysis of rebar condition
    • Conduit Location
    • Post tensing and pre-stress cable
  • Utility Locating
    • Utility Locating
    • Voids
    • Duct Banks
    • Utility mapping